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Terms & conditions

When we agree to work together, there needs to be a formal agreement between us. 
As a minimum this will cover what we will do for you, who is responsible for this, when we will do it and what it will cost you. Typically this is covered in our “Letter of Engagement” - our form of contract.

This ensures we both understand our roles and responsibilities. The clearer this is, the more likely you are to achieve the outcomes you want and feel that what we have delivered for you is value for your money.

In addition to this we have a set of Standard Terms and Conditions of Business which set out other aspects of the formal relationship between us in more detail. This runs to a number of pages and we know that not everyone wants to read all these standard terms - especially where they might feel that not every condition is relevant to what we are doing for them in every case.

However, these are an important part of the contract between us and we encourage you to read and understand them as they apply to your specific matter. If you have any questions on these at all you should speak to whoever sent you the letter of engagement for your matter as soon as possible. By agreeing to the terms in our letter you will also be agreeing to the standard terms and conditions unless they are amended by the letter.

Because these terms and conditions currently run to 11 sides of A4 paper we do not automatically issue a paper copy with each letter of engagement but will send you one immediately on request or you can view or download a copy of them here.

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