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05 Mar 2018 News

6 secret ways to boost your house value

Spring is in the air, and it’s one of the most popular times to put your property on the market. But how can you stand out from the other properties available around you? And how can you add some serious value to the price of your property? Using our wealth of property selling experience, we’ve put together a list of the most effective ways to boost your house value.

Keep it neutral

You might love your bright orange wallpaper - but will potential buyers? When it comes to home decor it’s best to keep things on the safe side and opt for a neutral colour palette. Essentially, you want people who come to view your property to see it as a blank canvas with bags of potential.

Light neutrals like white, cream and grey give the impression of space and can brighten up a dark room. For the cost of a pot of paint you could transform your home from a psychedelic nightmare, into a dream pad that’s just waiting for its new owners to move in and make it their own.

Concentrate on the condition

While aesthetics are important, the condition of your home is what’s going to truly swing the price one way or another. If your house is falling to pieces (hopefully not literally) then it’s sometimes worth investing in remedial work before your property hits the market. Damp, poor electrics, an out of date boiler - your home report is going to spell these things out for your potential buyers. A little investment before you put your house up for sale could remove significant barriers for prospective buyers and lead to a healthy offer.

Maximise your space

Today, buying a new home is all about space. Look at how you could increase the space in your home, or make better use of the space you’ve already got. Loft, basement or garage conversions might be pricey, but are definitely worth investigating if a 3-bedroom property is fetching a far higher return than a two-bedroom in your area. You could also look at adding a conservatory, if you think this would particularly appeal to your target buyers.

If your options to extend or convert are limited, then some large, strategically placed mirrors can work wonders for small hallways or bathrooms.

Update your kitchen

Nowadays, buyers love a beautiful kitchen. For many, it’s one of the most important rooms in any home, and at the very heart of family living. It’s estimated that even a modest kitchen update of £2,000 can boost your overall house value by up to £11,000. You don’t have to go all-out, simply replacing outdated worktops and cupboard doors with more up-to-date fixtures can give a modern impression.

Stock up on storage

As mentioned, your future buyers have to be able to see the potential in your home. Minimise clutter and put away as many non-essential items as possible. With a little clever storage, you can conceal unsightly clutter. For example, use wall mounted wicker baskets in your bathroom to store your toiletries and towels. If you have a loft, box up as much as you can and hide it away. Built in wardrobes should be neatly organised, in case your viewers want a peek inside

Improve your curb appeal

Your house has to look as good on the outside as it does on the inside. First impressions count, so make sure your garden is pruned to perfection. Even if you don’t have much outdoor space, some colourful plant pots can give your home a welcoming, well-kept feel.

Paint your house - it will cost a couple of hundred pounds but could add £5,000 to the overall value. Give your front door a little TLC too. Keep your eyes on our blog for an upcoming post about improving your curb appeal to catch the attention of potential buyers.

These are just some of the ways you can up the value of your home.

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